Sausage dog ceramic hanging pendant

White Ceramic Hanging Pendants - Various Victoria Perkins Art Images

This is a beautiful range of ceramic pendants made with Victoria's images.  They can be hung anywhere (indoors only) to brighten up your space and bring some happy!


They are shiny and glossy in texture and have a hole at the top where twine has been added to easlily hang the pendant.  Victoria Perkins Art logo is placed on the back of the pendant.


Please note, the pendants will be made with the shape pictured with the particular image i.e. Arthur Sausage - Round Pendant, if you would like the image different to that pictured (two choices only Heart and round), please ensure you message Victoria accordingly.


The images have been heat pressed to the ceramic pendant, and as is the nature of the handprinting, it is perfectly normal to have different shades/sizes/marks when compared to the listing photo.


Each Ceramic pendant created is never the same and this is what makes each one completely bespoke, they are individually made with care and love by Victoria Perkins.


Ceramic Pendant Dimensions-

Round Pendant - Approx. 7cms diameter

Heart Pendant - Approx. 7 x 8 cms


Price includes P&P for UK deliveries only. Should you live outside the UK, and are interested in the work, please contact Victoria so she is able to calculate P&P. Please refer to T's and C's for more information.


Please note; the flowers and paint brushes pictured are for decoration only, and are not part of the sale.

  • Care Instructions & information

    There is label attached to the pendant for information only, please be careful when cutting this free from the pendant, so not to cut the twine that is meant to be used to hang your pendant.

    Due to the nature of the material (ceramic) it is quite delicate and can be smashed/cracked if dropped, or any force/weight is applied, therefore please be careful handling the piece.

    Please ensure that the twine knot to hang the pendant is fully tight prior to hanging, this is to ensure that the pendant doesnt fall and break.

    To ensure that the pendant stays in tip-top condition and doesn’t fade, it is important that it is kept in an area that is not subjected to direct sunlight.

    If you need to clean the pendant, please ensure that you do not use harsh chemicals, as this could fade the print.  Warm water will suffice, ensuring that it is thoroughly dried.

    Please be aware of suffocation with regards to the plastic wrapper- keep away from children.  This is not a toy.

    Not suitable for ourdoor use.