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Fine Art Giclee print - pencil drawing of a giraffe neck and face peeking from the corner

Fine Art Giclee print - Charles the Giraffe

This beautiful piece has been lovingly replicated from the original drawing Charles the Giraffe.


The quality of the print is absolutely wonderful, you could almost mistake it for the original drawing; the colours are so bright and vivid!


The Fine Art Giclee piece is printed up by a local supplier, with extensive experience in the field of print for over 20 years, and a keen eye for quality and detail. The print is produced by using a specialist Pigment printer utlilising archival inks, onto a natural soft texture, white heavyweight 300 GSM fine art paper, which has watercolour paper like texture.

The print is mounted within a fantastic quality bevelled cut aperture, which is slightly textured, and off-white in colour. The mounts have a hard back to protect the print, and will also come packaged in a clear bag to keep it in a tip-top condition.


Each print will be hand signed by the artist.



Outer Aperture - 20cm x 20cm

Inner aperture size-15cm x15cm


Price includes P&P for UK deliveries only. Should you live outside the UK, and are interested in the work, please contact Victoria so she is able to calculate P&P. Please refer to T's and C's for more information.


Please note; the plant and lights pictured are for decoration only, and are not part of the sale.

  • Care Instructions

    To ensure that the work stays in tip-top condition and doesn’t fade, it is important that it is kept in a picture frame, in an area that is not subjected to high humidity, direct sunlight, or extreme heat (in the vicinity of a radiator).

    Please be aware of suffocation with regards to the plastic wrapper- keep away from children.

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